ATM Cave Tour from Ambergris Caye

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ATM Cave Tour from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

Explore the Best Cave in Belize

 ATM Cave or Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave Tour is a must do while in Belize. We depart from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye every day. ATM Cave is the most popular Cave Tour in Belize. Tourist visitors from all over the world come to Belize just to explore the ATM Cave.

ATM Cave was first explored in 1989 and National Geographic produced a documentary about ATM Cave in 1992 called Journey Through the Underworld. ATM Cave is one of the most impressive Maya ceremonial caves containing bloodletting altars used in sacrifices and over 1400 artifacts as well as human skeletal remains.

ATM Cave Tour is a wet Cave Tour, where you swim into the entrance and then trek through ankle to chest water levels before climbing to a dry chamber which leads to the cathedral or main hall. This towering chamber is 350 metres in length and 50 metres wide and filled with artifacts and the skeletal remains of 14 bodies, about half of them children.  All of the skeletal remains are male except one completely intact female skeleton covered in sparkling mineral deposits, the Crystal Maiden. Other artifacts include large pots and jars, flute-like instruments and ground stones used for grinding corn and grains, suggesting agricultural rituals.

Therefore, ATM Cave is considered the best Cave Tour in Belize to explore.  It is an extraordinary and rare opportunity to see ancient Maya ceremonial sites and altars as they were thousands of years ago, virtually untouched.

Tour Itinerary

  • 6am – Pick up by Taxi from Front Desk area at your resort on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

  • 6:30am – Boat transfer from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye to Belize City. (If you choose).

  • 7am – Flight transfer from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye to Belize City.(If you choose).

  • 7:30am – Meet your Tour Guides at the San Pedro Belize Express Boat Terminal or Maya Island Air Municipal Airport in Belize City. (Look out for your names on a sign your Tour Guide will be holding).

  • 7:30am – 9am – Drive from Belize City to Teakettle Village where you will switch transportation and continue off the main highway into the jungle to the ATM Cave.

  • 9am – 10am – Off road drive to the ATM Cave passing through local farm land and shallow creeks.

  • 10am – 10:30am – Leave the parking area at the ATM Cave and start your trek through the jungle. You will be crossing the shallow river three times as you make your way to the entrance to the ATM Cave, where you will grab lunch before entering inside.

  • 10:30am – 11am – Enjoy a short rest, then grab lunch which we pack and take along. After a quick bite and a drink of water, you get a tour briefing about what to expect then we continue inside.

  • 11am – 2pm – We take a short swim to get inside where we continue walking through ankle to waste deep water levels. As we make our way through the dark cave, our headlights reveals the beauty of the ATM Cave. You will get a guided tour inside to see the many pottery artifacts and human skeletal remains and learn about the Mayas who used these dark sacred places for religious purposes.

  • 2pm – 2:30pm – Exit the ATM Cave and trek back through the jungle to the parking area where we change into dry clothes and continue to Teakettle Village.

  • 2:30pm – 3:30pm – Drive from the parking area at the ATM Cave through local farm land and shallow creeks back to Teakettle Village where you will switch back transportation.

  • 3:30pm – 5pm – Drive to Belize City so you can take the boat or plane back to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

  • 5:30pm – Take the boat or plane back to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. When you arrive back on the island, our Taxi cab driver will pick you up at either the boat dock or Maya Island Air Airport in San Pedro,a Ambergris Caye and take you back to your resort.

What is included

  • Hotel or Resort pick up/drop off on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

  • Round trip Boat or Plane transfer to Belize City from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

  • Ground Air Conditioned transportation

  • Local Breakfast

  • Local Lunch

  • Tour Guides

  • Equipment

  • Park Fees

  • Water

Departure Location: Most resorts on San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

Departure Time: 6am from Hotel or Resort

Tour Duration: 6am-6pm

Level of Difficulty: Moderate

Minimum Age: 8 yrs old

Choose to take the Plane or Boat from Ambergris Caye to Belize City

Why choose Belize Jungle Trek?

  • No Deposit. No Cancellation Fee.

  • Choose to pay in cash or credit card on the Day of the Tour.

  • Booking made easy. Email Us to Reserve.

  • Instant Email Reply and Tour Confirmation.

  • We are a Locally owned and managed Tour Company.

  • We are a License Tour Operator certified by the Belize Tourism Board.

  • All our Staff are fun License Tour Guides trained by the Belize Tourism Board.

  • We use Clean, Updated AC Transportation.

  • Small Groups; avoid the crowd!

  • Our Equipment we use are up to Standards certified by the National Institute of Culture and History.

  • Our tours are Safe, with proper Strategic Emergency Plan in place.

  • Our Prices are Affordable and Unbeatable. Group Rates Available.

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5 reviews for ATM Cave Tour from Ambergris Caye

  1. Ashton

    Best Tour Company in Belize!
    We did the ATM (Actun Tunichil Muknal) tour with Belize Jungle Trek and we could not have had a more amazing time. Jovan and his team are wonderful, very friendly and knowledgeable, enjoy their work, extremely helpful, and by far the best price of all the tour companies (we price checked many). We were staying on Ambergris Caye and Jovan and his team made all of our arrangements – pick up by boat from the resort at 6:15, flight from San Pedro to the mainland, pick up at the airport in an air conditioned van complete with juice and breakfast sandwiches, then our drive into the jungle. From there we hiked to the cave (through streams, etc) Our guides were always there to lend a helping hand, guide us through areas, instruct us on where to place our feet, etc. They were extremely professional and knowledgeable. The tour was challenging, but not too difficult – my husband and I are 49 and 53 and our 19 and 22 year old sons came with us. We did invest in Keens-like shoes (mine were sketchers and extremely comfortable) and these were perfect for the many times we were in and out of water (although my youngest son wore sneakers, and while they were heavy and water logged he still was fine). The artifacts in the cave were awe-inspiring and the stories of the Mayan rituals were fascinating. I cannot say enough about Belize Jungle Trek – they supplied us with water and a wonderful lunch just before entering the cave – fresh tortillas, turkey, assorted veggies, cheese, hot sauce, etc. to make our own lunch fajitas – then we had a 2nd serving when we came back from the cave. We had a fantastic time – if you are in Belize I would highly recommend this once in a lifetime tour, and Belize Jungle Trek is the best way to go!

  2. Chris

    ATM Cave was an adventure all right… We hiked to the cave and went inside led by our guide who was very professional and concerned about our safety. Every attention to detail was stop on. The cave was beautiful. A few tight spaces but the dry chamber was filled with potteries and human skeletal remains. There was a fully intact human remains of a young woman called the crystal maiden. This was a fun and educational tour. A must do in Belize.
    There are many companies who offer this tour from other parts of the country but there are not many from San Pedro who would pick you up from your resort. The flight option is best. Thank you for an excellent day in the jungle.

  3. Nelson Hope

    Excellent. There are many other tours to experience in Belize but this is the one you will definitely enjoy. There are many other companies on San Pedro but not all offer the ATM cave tour by plane. These guides do an good job. They don’t really cater for vegetarians.

  4. Nestor G

    Extreme but beautiful!

  5. Clifton Haris

    The cave was breath taking. It was too extreme for us though. Too much hiking and a very long day going from Coco Beach San Pedro.

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